Pro-pre-o-what?  Glad you asked!  Proprioception defined by the AFAA as “the cumulative sensory input to the central nervous system from all mechanoreceptors” (McGill, E.A., 2019).  Simply put, proprioception describes body awareness in the space around us; our subconscious self-awareness.

By maintaining body awareness, you will become more agile through your everyday movements.  Each day, we move our body through different planes of motion, stable and unstable, with varying changes in our environment.  EnergyX classes such as PoweRow, LITT HIT, TRX and Flex, Row and Flow, Reps and Row, and Shockwave ALL train your body to function in varying planes of motion by strengthening your proprioception.

                          Added Proprioception

For example, in a windmill hinge demonstrated by David in the image on the left, the balance element of this motion involves aligning your heels and performing a weighted bend with straight legs, stacked hips, and aligned shoulders.  To perform this exercise correctly, you must have internal balance, flexibility to maintain proficient range of motion, and core strength to control your body through the exercise. To add another element of proprioception to this exercise, you can focus your gaze on your top hand as shown in the image on the right. 

Another exercise demonstrating proprioception is the power row, seen in the photos below. This exercise requires your body to perform advanced movements in an unstable environment.  In the power row, we add unstable elements by incorporating the TRX Band, being balanced on our heels, and moving our gaze with the rotation of the exercise. To successfully perform a power row, we must maintain our core muscles as well as develop the strength to move throughout the exercise, agility to power up in the concentric phase (left photo), and control on the eccentric phase of the exercise (right photo).

 Concentric Phase
Eccentric Phase

This is only touching the surface of what your body does to perform daily.  I could write for days about the exercises EnergyX offers to build proprioception in your body. The strength and agility you gain from our classes translates seamlessly into your daily activities.  It could be easier for you to stand on your toes to reach for something or look over your shoulder while driving.  It could even be as simple as keeping a steady gait without tripping over the carpet monsters (the real reason why I can’t seem to walk on carpet with sneakers).  Whatever your end goal may be, the work you put in every class translates to proficient physical performance outside of class, maybe without you even realizing it.

Come experience this training; the reward is limitless!

Marissa Harris, B.E.S.S., MAA- Sports Management, AFAA C.P.T., EnergyX Coach

McGill, E.A. 2019. Athletics and Fitness Association of America Principles of Group Fitness Instruction: Second Edition. Burlington, MA: Jones and Barlett Learning.