It seems people are more eager to accept their bad habits rather than correct them. However, when you decide to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it becomes apparent that changes need to be made. Here are five habits to cut out for a healthier life.

Ditch Soda & Sugary Drinks

Having a soda with every meal can seem innocent for most people. After all, there are advertisements everywhere saying it's normal. However, what most people don't know is that soda can do a lot of damage. Not only does soda damage your liver, but regular consumption can lead to diabetes. What is more, soda adds empty calories to your body. A 500ml bottle of Coke has around 200 calories, which is roughly 10 percent of the daily calorie goal of an adult. If quitting cold turkey is hard for you, try replacing it with sparkling water or tea. These drinks won’t destroy your liver, and it is only as sweet as you make it.

Reduce Smartphone Usage 

Reducing the time spent browsing the internet and scrolling through Instagram can help make you healthier. Some people are addicted to smartphones to the point where they even use them while driving. Smartphones are convenient, but cutting down on smartphone usage helps your mental health. By not checking your smartphone obsessively, you can win back your free time. That free time can be used for meditation which is essential for a healthy mind. If you need help getting rid of your smartphone addiction, ironically, there's an app for that! Moment, for example, allows you to set daily usage limits.

Stop the Comparisons 

Nobody has a perfect life. However, you are often led to believe some do, thanks to social media. On the internet, anyone can forge their lives to look more interesting than yours. The truth is, no matter how flashy someone's life looks, chances are you wouldn't want to be in their place. Everyone faces hardships, and most people choose to keep the details to themselves. That being said, even outside social media, you shouldn't compare your life to others'. Everyone lives differently and has different experiences at their own rate. 

Reducing Car Rides

Depending on where you live, driving everywhere might seem like the only option. If your city is pedestrian-friendly, and your time allows, you should consider biking or walking whenever you can. Whether you drive yourself, or you order rides from Uber, this is very unhealthy. If your free time allows you, you might want to start biking or walking on foot. Forgoing the wheels not only makes you healthier, but also saves you a lot of money, and helps the environment. Normally, a healthy person should walk at least 7,500 steps a day. 

Nix the Television When You Eat

Lastly, you should stop eating your meals in front of the television. Yes, it can get boring to just eat your meal without any distraction, especially if you live alone. Instead, try listening to music or use this as your quiet time for the day. However, cutting out screen time when eating, can also help you avoid overeating. Without distractions you can focus on eating slower and setting your utensils down between bites. When you eat while watching something, your mind focuses on whatever you're watching. Your mind focusing on something else during eating may lead to you eating too much. To avoid overeating, eat slowly, chewing each piece of food 10 times before swallowing. Eating slowly will give your brain time to register how much food you have in your stomach.

You should be proud of yourself for deciding to live a healthier life! If you identify one of the bad habits above in your daily life, cut them out starting today. You will thank yourself tomorrow when your physical and mental health will be better.