The amount of stamina you have determines how long you push your body during physical activities. If you are looking to keep going for a long time, such as during a marathon or similar athletic event, you will need a lot of stamina to push you. You can use these five tips to increase your stamina.

Perform HIIT Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts incorporate quick bursts of energy with short recovery periods. Even 25 minutes of HIIT a day can build stamina as it forces your heart and muscles to work harder and recover more quickly. You will likely begin to notice a difference in your fitness levels within a couple of weeks.

Incorporate Explosive Exercises into Your Workout Regime

Integrate fast-paced exercises that stretch and contract your muscles quickly to build stamina. These exercises use a lot of power, which results in building bigger muscles and getting stronger. Some of the best explosive exercises include kettlebell swings, burpee box jumps, and wall balls.

Combine Weightlifting and Cardio

Instead of performing cardio and weightlifting exercises on separate days, combine them for a harder, but more effective, workout. Combining these two exercises ensures that you grow larger muscles faster and make your heart stronger in less time.  You will be able to handle harder workouts and last longer, which ultimately improves your stamina.

Stretch Out Your Body

Ensure that you stretch both before and after your workout sessions. Stretching helps muscles recover quickly and ensures that you can grow stronger muscles in a shorter period. Stronger muscles mean that your body can handle harder tasks and ultimately results in greater stamina. Plus, stretching helps prevent injuries that may cause you to avoid exercise for a while. 

Switch Up Your Routines

Your body gets used to an exercise routine every two weeks. When this normalization occurs, you will begin to see fewer gains from your workout regime. To avoid dealing with this setback, ensure that you switch up your workouts regularly. You can even ramp up the intensity to get stronger and develop greater stamina.

In Conclusion

Your body needs challenges to grow stronger and to develop stamina. If you are doing the same routines and not pushing yourself, you may find that you are in a fitness rut. When you increase your stamina, you will find that you can go further in your fitness routines.