No matter what your fitness goals are, nutrition plays a big role in helping achieve those goals. As my favorite saying goes “You can’t outrun a bad diet”; no matter how much you’re exercising, diet can have a big impact on seeing results.  In some cases, your diet can maybe even sabotaging the hours you’re putting in at the gym.

Here are a few nutrition tips to take your fitness to the next level and help achieve your goals:

  • Not too little, not too much: You want it your calorie intake to be the juuuuust right.: Don’t skip meals or cut drastic calories while working out. Think of food as fuel for your workouts, and when your body doesn’t have adequate fuel you might not get the most of your workout due to fatigue. Try having small meals throughout the day and including complex carbohydrates in those meals to make sure you have the energy to get the most of each and every workout.
  • Don’t overeat: If your goal is weight loss and you’re hitting the gym for 45-60 minutes a day, you probably don’t need to make any adjustments in your diet as far as increasing calories because of your workout. It is okay to “treat yourself” every once in a while, but sometimes treating yourself will result in indulging in more calories than you burned – so try not to treat yourself after every workout.
  • Post-workout protein: Protein is important to build and repair muscle after any workout. To make sure you’re making the most of your workouts to build muscle, make sure you have a protein-rich snack within 30-45 minutes post workout.  Don’t like to eat anything heavy? or you’re on the run after your workout?  Have a protein shake! Grab an Iconic protein shake or use one of the TopTrainer protein powders (plant-based or whey protein) both available at EnergyX.
  • Hydrate, but don’t drink your calories: Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Water is best - especially if you’re spending time outdoors, or sweat a lot during your workouts.   Try to avoid sugary workout drinks, you probably don’t really need those unless you’re logging over 60 minutes of continuous endurance exercise.