When the idea of EnergyX Fitness surfaced in January 2015 I envisioned an awesome place for people to take fitness classes using equipment that is challenging yet accommodating, intense but fun, and a place that would become my home away from home. In October 2015 my vision became reality and my expectations were surpassed by leaps and bounds. Now, in August of 2018 when someone asks me what EnergyX Fitness is all about it's hard to sum it up because EnergyX Fitness, to me, is everything!

EnergyX Fitness has a foundation built with amazing, educated, passionate coaches who provide quality, high intensity, low impact classes to a wide range of individuals. We use some of the best equipment in the industry, the WaterRower, TRX Suspension Trainer, Kettlebells, and the BOSU Balance Trainer to name a few. And we layer on top notch customer service not because we have to, but because it's what comes natural to each of us. Our foundation continues to grow stronger because of the dedicated members, or XCrew, who choose to come to our classes week after week and month after month. Without our XCrew, EnergyX is nothing!

We strive each and everyday to make EnergyX better by being a warm, welcoming place. A place people want to come to day in and day out. A place some might also call a home away from home. We continue to offer experiences not just classes and provide resources and services that exceed expectations. So with the goal of providing more to our friends and clients near and far we have started the EnergyX blog. Another place you can find information to help you with you nutrition and fitness goals and hopefully feel apart of the EnergyX Crew. 

To everyone who has been a part, big or small, of EnergyX Fitness, THANK YOU! Thank you for letting us share our passion with you, thank you for supporting EnergyX and helping us grow,  and thank you for continuing to inspire us to be better and to do better. 


Alison Galvan

Owner & Founder - EnergyX Fitness