Fitness goals come in all shapes and sizes, my goals happen to center around the world of obstacle course racing. I’m still relatively new to the sport but in my short tenure I’m fortunate to have participated in the 2016 world championships and the 2017 US championships. Until I discovered EnergyX Fitness training was always a struggle. There are not many classes out there that bring an intense workout while conditioning your body for what you see on the race course. I fell victim to a common issue when training, I got stuck doing the same boring routine day after day week after week. My body would eventually stop seeing results and I would waste time trying to craft another perfect training plan. 

Fortunitally I realized there is a much easier way to get a diverse set of workouts, and all I had to do was get out of bed and show up before 5:45am. It still amazes me that I’m able to go to 5-6 unique classes every week, talk about a diverse training plan! Better yet even when attending the same class the workouts included are always new and exciting. There is no better way, in my opinion, to break away from the boredom of other routines. EnergyX Fitness trainers take all the hard work out of planning workouts, all I have to do is show up and I know I’ll be on track to hit my goals. 

I know what you are thinking “But Nick in my sport I have to practice x, y, and z? How could I ever use EnergyX as my primary source of training”. Before I answer this I want to make it clear, I know from experience if you are searching for a general fitness solution EnergyX provides all the diversity you need from Yoga to Rowing and everything in between. If you need some extra event specific training just include it into your training plan. An example week for me is below: Notice how everything is taken care of by my classes except for distance running. Take this same logic and add in whatever specific skill you need to work on. 








TRX and Flex

Row and Flow

TRX and Flex


Lit Hit

Lunch Run

Lunch Run

Hill Drills

Lunch Run

Long Run

Cross training programs rule the world of obstacle course racing and I’ve found my home at EnergyX Fitness. If you are brand new to fitness or a seasoned veteran each class will push you to your limits and get you closer to your goals. Come see how they got the reputation for having San Antonio’s Best Total Body Workout. 

Written by Nick Honegger, EnergyX Fitness Member & Ambassador